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Fusing Classes 

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Kid Classes 

  • Scheduled classes that involve specific dates and 'sign up' for attendance require payment in advance. This reserves your space in the class which can be done over the phone or in person.  
  • In most classes, besides the Mini Classes, we usually require 6 or more people to teach the class. If a specific scheduled class does not work with your schedule you can make your own class if you have 6 people or more people. 
  • When enrolling in certain classes you will be given a Recommended Tool List or informed all tools are included
  • We advise to buy the needed supplies before the class begins if needed. ​​​​​
  • Click on Scheduled Classes tab for more information.

Scheduled Classes 

*Always available* are our Mini Workshops!

Schedule at your own convenience. 

Mini Workshops are a fun way to experience a class. $35-$60. (Limited times on Saturdays.) Scheduling for Mini Workshops on weekdays is highly encouraged.  Mini Workshops ARE NOT available on Sundays or the month of December.

​​​ Click on Mini Workshops tab for more information.