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First Friday at Expressions In Glass


Artists Statement-R e c k l e s s   C o n t r o l
This past year I have been focused on finding more of my creative self. It has been my challenge to stop thinking so much about what to create and simply create for the sake of creating; let the process carry me and abandon any plan. And just play.

I have fallen in love with the fluid arts - the constant changing and movement of color, the morphing of something unrecognizable, something unknown, only later to be found. The manipulation of inks on a surface has opened an intriguing door of play.

I often seek control in each step of creating an artwork. Too much control can be quite stifling and oppress creativity. Fortunately, I have found this process of fluid art to be an intriguing and unlimited art form that I can only minimally tame.

Watching and wondering how the inks will react on each surface, knowing I can't control its directions is so liberating! As the ink dries, I am then able to gain control and manipulate it into a more specific outcome. It is the dried inks that determine its own outcome; my hand comes in only for clarity and focus.

This process, this style of creating, this collection of pieces for me signifies a balance between the uncontrolled and controlled; reckless abandon and stifling reserve; chaos and calm; noise and quiet. In order to know one, I must experience the other. And it is in a delicate balance of both that I am finding more my creative, expressive self.

Expressions in Glass