Expressions in Glass

Make your own 3"x 5" fused  hanging,  creating any design you choose!

Project price: $35.00

Fused Glass Hanging 

Make your own 5"x 5" fused plate or hanging,  creating any design you choose!

$35.00 for a flat or hanging or flat; 

$40.00 for a slumped plate (placed in kiln twice, in order to attain slumped edges.)

sMALL Fused Glass Plate

Fuse (2) etched dichroic glass pendants! 

Project price $35.00 


Design a fun wind chime decoration out of fused glass.

This project is made up of three separate fused glass pieces attached to an Alaskan diamond willow branch.

Project price: $35.00

Make your own 8"x 8" fused plate or hanging, creating any design you choose!

$55.00 for flat or hanging; 

$60.00 for slumped plate (placed in kiln twice, in order to attain slumped edges.)

Fused Glass Plate

To register for a class call 907-474-3923 or if you are calling from outside Alaska call 888-574-3293.

Experience creating your own Alaskan souvenir in our studio!

  • Great fun for summer visitors, locals or creative-parties, Mini Classes are offered year round. Our Mini Classes REQUIRE NO EXPERIENCE and are open to all ages! A minimum of 2-people is required for scheduling a Mini Class.
  • These classes are available Monday through Saturday.  We have project examples on display in our store, as well as photos presented below.  Please call for availability. 
  • Mini Classes are great for Birthday parties, Bridal showers, book clubs or just a girls night out! Please feel free to bring snacks and drinks. If you planning on doing so please let us know so we can set up a food table.
  • If individuals would like a class after 6pm through the week or after 5pm on Saturdays, we do require 6 or more people to attend the class. 

​Classes are 1 hour long. Costs for Mini Class projects range from $35.00-$60. All materials included. 

Glass windchime